लक्ष्य।। (by late Major Gunananda Doval & translated by Kshitij Doval)

Rock climber at sunset background. Sport and active life


राही कहा तू जा रहा, क्या राह का भी भान है
तू कौन है क्या कर रहा, क्या लक्ष्य का भी ज्ञान है।

क्या पास है तेरे बता, कुछ कर दिखाने के लिए
क्या क्या यतन तूने किये, जीवन बनाने के लिए।

पाठन पठन तोह मार्ग है, यह लक्ष्य हो सकता नही
तोता पढ़ा क्या विश्व में, कुछ कार्य कर सकता नही।

उत्थान करने के लिए, तोह साधना ही चाहिए
सीधा सरल सादा रहन, हाँ लक्ष्य ऊंचा चाहिए।


Hey friend, where are you going?

Any clue about what you want to pursue?

What are you and what are you doing?

Any knowledge about your ambition?

What do you possess, tell me

To achieve anything, per se

What hard work have you done yet

In order to make a life, lets say.

Studying and education is just a path

It cannot be your ambition

What has a parrot learnt so far?

Life demands your position.

To achieve greatness

Requires discipline, perceverence and dedication

Have an open heart and live simple

But yes! hold a high ambition.

-translated by Kshitij Doval

This poem was written by Late Major Gunananda Doval and recited to Kshitij Doval when he was a kid. He found it incredibly influential.

Major Gunananda Doval, was the father of the National Security Advisor of India, Mr Ajit Doval.


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